34 weeks

DSC_3153.jpgNor reach them while also breathing


Weight: Oops I forgot to check…again…
Maternity clothes: Yes, except for dresses. All of the maternity dresses that I’ve tried on look so tent-ish and not flattering at all.
Sleep: Great
Best moment: Spending a day with my sister-in-law and her new baby. Beau’s best moment= the splash park in their neighborhood. Somehow I don’t think the hose in our backyard is quite as cool anymore.
Missing: Being able to find cute dresses for all of the upcoming wedding events. Most dresses either make me look as big as a house, or like I’m trying to get away with wearing something too tight/short… which I usually am.
Loving: A healthy pregnancy, and also seeing Beau understanding and learning so much. Although he still has no idea that he’s about to have a sibling to share the attention with.
Movement: Always! Beau was more quiet with big kicks, and she is just constantly wiggling. We wonder if it’s a reflection of their personalities?
Cravings: Nothing, hallelujah!
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, always in the evening. And in church on Mother’s Day I was randomly emotional and couldn’t stop crying for absolutely no reason. Weird.
Looking forward to: Officially getting a new sister-in-law this weekend when Johnny’s brother gets married!
Dad’s thoughts: “It was fun hanging out with the family in Ormond and seeing them play with Beau and talk about Gracie arriving.They are all just as excited as we are to finally meet her. Crazy to think that there’s almost a full-term baby in Alexa’s belly. So excited!!!”


IMG_2403 (1).jpgIf you’re wondering where his belly button is, he’ll show you



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