36 weeks

FullSizeRender_1.jpgWearing lotsss of black these days


Weight: +25 at the doctor’s office
Maternity clothes: Yes but I really prefer PJs anytime I’m not in public (my backyard does not count as public)
Sleep: Great! Rolling over is my daily exercise.
Best moment: Getting almost everything done on our to-do list! It’s sad how stressed I was over that, but finally feeling more ready to have a baby.
Missing: Already thinking about how I’ll miss this belly and baby kicks.
Loving: [Possibly?!] being in her birth month!
Movement: Hiccups daily, and sometimes pushes on opposite sides of my stomach where I think her feet and butt are…she must be stretching her legs. I also realized that I never feel kicks in the ribs like I did with Beau. What a sweetheart.
Cravings: Oreos. I’ll casually find myself on the cookie aisle at the grocery store and somehow, a package ends up in my cart. This week, I stopped being in denial and just put them on my grocery list.
Nauseous if I have an empty stomach.
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks but not dilated at all yet… I was so surprised that it was already time to start checking!
Looking forward to: Another weekend at home.
Dad’s thoughts: “Can’t believe Gracie could be born this month! Time has flown by so fast and I can’t wait to meet her. I’m so excited to introduce Beau to his little sister, as well! Mama looks great and we are all just so excited!”


IMG_2627.JPGWhen I went to get him from a nap… was he expecting someone else?!

He’s been in a “mama’s boy” phase but that appears to be changing

Best holidays: 1. Christmas. 2. National Donut Day

That icing is the reason why he’s naked at the donut shop


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