37 weeks


DSC_3206.jpgReally really reeeeeally can’t believe we’re already full-term


Weight: +22 lbs at the doctor. He guessed that baby will be around 7lbs which is totally fine by me.
Maternity clothes: lol. yes.
Sleep: I get a little uncomfortable sometimes, but still sleeping well.
Best moment: A great doctor’s appointment! Also, getting my bags packed (as much as possible) and pre-registering at the hospital.
Missing: Wearing rompers. So random, especially since I never really wore them before, but I’ve seen so many cute ones lately.
Loving: Feeling more prepared to have a newborn in my life.
Movement: Always. Love it.
Cravings: Nothing??? Still loving dessert though, as always.
Nauseous if my stomach is empty. Keeping Clif bars in my purse is a lifesaver.
Symptoms: Round ligament pain lower in my abdomen, especially when laying down recently. Standing actually feels better on my belly than sitting does, although I get tired so fast. Hip pain if I lay on one side too long, and I feel like I’m suffocating if I lay on my back, so that’s really fun. But I swear I’m not actually as miserable as that makes it sound, I just have to try harder to get comfy 🙂 Not dilated or effaced at all yet, which is good news since we’re still hoping to go to Islamorada in 2 weeks… as crazy as that sounds.
Looking forward to: My family visiting tomorrow and Beau’s last week of swim lessons next week.
Dad’s thoughts: “Can’t believe we’re only 3 weeks away. The doctor appointment went great and I know that soon he’s going to say that she’ll be arriving any day. We’re all so excited to meet her.”

IMG_2828.jpg…And then my heart melted

IMG_2718We don’t have very strict cooking sanitation rules around here

IMG_2796Finally got fans put up. Now it only feels like 92 degrees on the back porch instead of 95

IMG_2776I didn’t know how to tell him that this is actually for the baby, so I just went with it and pretended like he has a new chair. TBD how he reacts when the baby gets to sit here instead of him.

IMG_2777Hose water and some bubble bath. So high maintenance.


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