38 weeks

DSC_3248.jpgBecause I’m just dying to show off my bikini bod

Weight: +25
Maternity clothes: Getting my last bit of use out of them.
Sleep: Sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable and have trouble getting into a deep sleep, but usually still really good. Anything is better than sleep with a newborn though, and I haven’t forgotten it.
Best moment: Beau finishing up ISR swim lessons and doing so well.
Missing: Nothing, really! Life is good.
Loving: Having [so far] a healthy little boy and girl. I can’t stop thinking about the family who lost their 2 year old little boy this past week… having kids has made me 100 times more sensitive to sad news stories.
Movement: She’s always moving the top of my belly around, sometimes totally changing the shape of it.
Cravings: Nothing but enjoying the last few weeks (days?) of not worrying about losing baby weight, yet. 
Symptoms: Braxton Hicks, but I don’t think they’ve gotten stronger. Constant pushing on my bladder, I especially notice at night. I also just realized that I don’t have the linea negra like with Beau, I wonder why? Occasionally very slightly/briefly crampy, but nothing like contractions, yet. Today the doctor didn’t do a cervical examination so as not to risk starting labor before our vacation, but he did say that her head doesn’t look super low yet (from the ultrasound).
Looking forward to: Vacation in the keys! We’ll only be 2 hours away from our hospital so we will leave if I feel any sort of labor starting. But hopefully we’ll get to enjoy a full week there!
Dad’s thoughts: “I’m so excited that we are already to 38 weeks, I feel like the time is flying by. Can’t wait to meet baby Gracie and introduce her to everyone! Mama looks great and has been so strong throughout the whole pregnancy. She truly does love being pregnant!”

DSC_3213.jpgMy boys

DSC_3216.jpgHis current favorite things: Dada and ducks

The best toys are not actual toys

Practicing floating in Winter clothes

Happy little fish and his wonderful teacher at ISR swim lessons


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