39 weeks

DSC_3295.jpgThat’s a lot of days


Weight: +26.5
Maternity clothes: Yes and the white shirt pictured above is clearly on it’s last wear. Most dresses are also aaaalmost too short.
Best moment: Spending the week in the Keys with family.
Missing: Nothing. Going to miss this belly.
Loving: Still feeling relatively good, for having a 7(ish)lb human in my body.
Movement: Pushes, no kicks.
Cravings: None. But I have definitely not been turning down dessert, either.
As long as my stomach never gets totally empty, I’m fine, with one exception: I just realized that almost every time I’ve eaten a bagel with peanut butter, I’ve felt sick. I have no idea why, and I also have no idea how it took me 39 weeks to realize this.
Symptoms: Strong and frequent Braxton Hicks in the past few days. Slightly crampy every once in a while, especially in the middle of the night, which makes me constantly dream about labor and wake up wondering if it’s starting. Also occasional heart burn/acid reflux? It’s not comfortable, but I’m considering myself lucky that it hasn’t happened before now. I’m honestly still really enjoying the pregnancy and not sure I’m ready for it to be over!
Labor signs: At the doctor today: 1cm dilated, 80% effaced, and baby is at a 0 station… about where I was with Beau at this point in his pregnancy. All good signs, but nothing indicating that labor is definitely starting soon. My doctor feels strongly about not going past due dates and I trust him, so we scheduled an induction for next Friday at 5am, if it comes to that. I’m really hoping labor starts on it’s own before then, though!
Looking forward to: Torn between feeling sad that this is our last “normal” week at home with Beau, and looking forward to all of the excitement with labor and delivery. But most of all, excited to meet our daughter.
Dad’s thoughts: “Crazy how fast the time has flown by! Gracie is almost here and I couldn’t be more excited to get to meet her. Alexa is looking great and although I know she is going to miss being pregnant, she can’t wait either! I’m really looking forward to seeing Beau interact with his little sister.”


P1000913.jpgWe got exactly zero un-fuzzy family pictures ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

FullSizeRender.jpgThe water and his dad= heaven

IMG_2994.jpgHis love for the boat outweighing his hate for sunglasses

Cousins. Beau possibly attempting to crush Luke, and William probably being happy that he’s not part of that mess, yet

We are confident strongly hoping that Beau will eventually reciprocate Luke’s love

Happy almost 3 year anniversary, my lover!


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