Grace’s Birth


July 1, 2016
Grace’s Due Date


1:30 ish am– Light contractions started. I could still doze through them, so I tried to get a little more sleep while I could.

2 am– Couldn’t sleep through them anymore. I began timing and breathing through them.

3 am– Johnny woke up and I told him about the contractions. Since I couldn’t sleep anyway, I got up and started getting ready.

4:45 am– Ate breakfast and took the last chalkboard picture because: priorities. We left for the hospital and I continued having contractions every 3-4 minutes, about a minute long each.


5:10 am– Checked into the hospital for my scheduled induction.

6:00 am– 60% effaced (I was told 80% at the last appointment… either I regressed, or these checks are subjective) and 2.5 cm dilated. I was so happy about this because 1. The contractions were obviously real and not prodromal, which I thought they might be after my last labor. 2. At 2.5 cm with Beau, I felt like death. This time, I could still talk through the contractions and act like a normal human, not a crazy person writhing in pain. I asked about Cervidil since it worked well for me last time, but the nurses said that it probably wouldn’t help much, so we went ahead and started *Pitocin as planned.

*Was the Pitocin totally necessary since I had already started labor? Probably not, but I was already at the hospital ready to go, and having a baby in a timely manner sounded good to me and my doctor. I know that this probably makes a lot of people cringe, and I really do understand the benefits of laboring naturally. But I really trust my doctor and his medical school degree, and I’m really happy with how it all turned out 🙂


(ish… I don’t remember exactly what time) am– Doctor broke my water. He said it looked fine but the nurse said she thought it looked like it had a yellowish tint (it did) which meant some meconium. I grilled her on what this meant, and she said it probably wouldn’t be a big deal, as long as the baby cried when she was born. Contractions were painful but manageable; I kept my eyes open, breathed deeply, and focused on a random object to get through them. I tried listening to music but didn’t like it, the “focus on a random object” thing was by far the strategy that helped the most.

8ish am– Epidural. With Beau, I felt like the pain was unbearable and I would die without an epidural. This time, I felt like I could do it if I really wanted to… but, I didn’t really want to. I thought about the hours of pain ahead of me, or the hours that I could spend smiling and chatting with my family, and I just thought “why not?”. I think that women who have babies with no epidurals are amazingly strong and tough! But for me, no pain > pain. My anesthesiologist was so nice and funny, and the epidural began working immediately, minus some pressure during contractions for the first few minutes. I could still feel both of my feet, they were just tingly, and my left leg felt heavy while my right leg was mostly numb. Bliss.


This is what a medicated birth looks like

11:30 am– 7 cm and head was very low.


They’re going to be grandmothers! Again!

1:13 pm– Doctor arrived and I started pushing. 3 contractions later…


1:17 pm– Grace was born! 7 lbs, 2 oz and 19.5 inches long, and a full head of dark hair- we were so surprised! Her face was purple at first but the doctor never seemed worried (he might just have a good poker face) and after some stimulation, she cried and ended up with 9/9 APGARs. The cord was wrapped around her neck (just like Beau) so they had to cut it early, but then they let Dad make the final cut. She didn’t latch quite as quickly/easily as Beau (he’s always liked to eat) but she did nurse for about 35 minutes before getting her eye ointment, Vitamin K shot, and sponge bath.



We only had to stay in the hospital for one night and the nurses pretty much let us be- they trust you a lot more with the second baby! And rightly so, we had no idea what to do with Beau and probably needed all the help we could get.


The best hair braider/birth photographer/nanny/sister


The next day before we were discharged, our family brought Beau to the hospital. He was interested in “baby” for a minute, until he discovered the buttons on the hospital bed, which were obviously way more interesting. We got to come home at around 5:30 that evening, and life has been great ever since!



Not going on any Christmas cards or anything, but our first picture as a family of 4