40 weeks

 Picture taken in between contractions, FYI


Weight: +26 lbs
Maternity clothes: Well… yes.
Sleep: Usually great.
Best moment: Getting ready to meet our baby girl!
Missing: Nothing. Life is good. 
Loving: Sleep, free time, and this belly. And feeling contractions, finally!
Movement: Yes, I feel like she’s been more active for the past few days. But maybe I’m just paying attention more.
Cravings: Nothing. Appetite has been slightly off this past week, and I’ve felt nauseous and even thrown up once.
Symptoms: This past week: Stronger and sometimes uncomfortable Braxton Hicks; light cramping sometimes. Currently: relatively mild contractions every 3-5ish minutes apart, lasting under a minute each. They started around 1am and have gotten stronger since then, but still not too intense. We’re currently on our way to the hospital for our scheduled induction time of 5am so we’ll see what they say when we get there!
Looking forward to: Labor/delivery… I’m anxious to see how it all happens this time. Definitely wayyy less nervous than last time and more confident that it will all be ok and whatever needs to happen will happen.
Dad’s thoughts: “The day is finally here! Can’t wait to meet Gracie. Mama’s going to do great!”


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