Grace 1 month & Beau 1.5 years

Grace- 1 month


Grace aka ‘Gracie’, ‘Girl’, or ‘Angel’ when she’s sleeping especially well. We keep saying that we thought Beau was a good baby, until we had her. She has her moments, but overall is very calm and easy, and makes us cocky about our parenting skills.


Although she’s had the occasional night where she’s up every 2 hours (or less) or is wide awake at 3 am, she’s usually a great sleeper and will sleep for 4 hours, then another 2-3 after eating. I’m going to assume this is because during her naps in the daytime, she is used to sleeping through her brother shrieking and throwing toys on top of her. A quiet nursery at night is probably a welcomed change for the poor girl. She can’t decide if she likes to be swaddled or not, so we’re currently going back and forth swaddling with arms in and arms out, depending on the night.


I used to laugh and subconsciously judge when I heard parents ask “should I wake up my baby to eat?”. Beau was such a terrible sleeper that nothing could make me want to wake him up if, by a miracle, he slept for more than 3 hours. Now, I am the parent who is unnesessarily worrying if my baby is going to starve because she’s sleeping too long… karma. During the day, Grace will go hours without eating if she’s sleeping well, like in the bouncer or car seat. When she is awake, she usually want to eat every hour or less to make up for the meals that she missed while asleep. This schedule is totally fine with me though, it’s much less draining than a baby who wants to eat every 2 hours around the clock (coughBEAUcough).


As mentioned, I was worried that she wasn’t eating enough, but her cheeks have proven otherwise. The doctor confirmed that she’s gaining fine, around the 50th percentile for weight and 96th for height, with a peanut head in the 20th percentile. We keep hearing that she looks like my sister, her Aunt Lisie, and it looks like that might really be the case, judging by her height so far.


First-time Dad of a girl has a few things to learn about matching bows to outfits


What he lacks in bow-matching skills, he makes up for in feeding skills

I’m really glad that Johnny and I both witnessed the birth, because we think that she does not resemble either of us at all. At birth, her face did remind me a little bit of Beau’s when he was born, as long as she was wearing a hat. But I don’t really see it anymore and I think that pictures of her and Beau next to each other are hilarious because they don’t look related at all.


Beau- 1.5 years

DSC_4137 (1).jpg

Beau Timothy- the little angel who humbles us in the parenting department. He reminds me of the Sour Patch Kids candy commercial slogan; “First they’re sour, then they’re sweet”… He will be throwing a mean fit with the biggest crocodile tears, and then snuggle our shoulders and give us the most precious kisses to make us forget any bad thing he’s ever done.


Beau’s favorite activities include: being outside, being in any kind of water, dancing, and watching Sesame Street. His favorite character is “Elmo” who he calls “Melmo” and we think it’s the cutest thing, ever. His least favorite activities include: having to come inside, taking naps, getting his hands/face wiped, and getting anything taken away. He is most definitely acting like a toddler now, and there’s a 50/50 chance that he’ll listen to simple commands such as “No”, “Come here”, “Gentle” or “Don’t eat that bug”. There’s a 100% chance that we’ll forgive him very quickly, even when he doesn’t listen to us… suckers-r-us.


The biggest news with Beau lately is that he officially moved out of the crib and into a twin bed. It was much earlier than we would have tried it otherwise, but since Gracie was ready to be out of the bassinet and into a crib, I figured we could at least try it. We really didn’t do anything to prepare besides start putting a pillow and blanket in his crib for the last few weeks. We tried the twin bed for the first time for his nap, and I just brought his pillow and blanket from the crib to the bed and laid him down like normal. I thought for sure that he would be up running around the room and playing but he proved me wrong by laying down and falling asleep like a pro. Since then, he’s discovered that he can indeed get up and play if he wants to, so we’ve had some days where naps were rough (but very entertaining for me to watch him over the monitor, talking/reading/singing to himself). Overall, he’s doing much better than we expected, and has only fallen out of bed once so we’re counting that as a success.


Beau is just starting to really talk and says typical toddler words like ‘baby’, ‘uh-oh’, and ‘ball’, and non-typical toddler words like ‘delicious’ and ‘glasses’. We have no idea why these words stuck with him, but we’re just glad it’s them and not any other choice words that he may have heard a few times in our house. His signature move is smelling flowers, pictures of flowers, or things that slightly resemble flowers, and saying “Mmm” every time. He’s pretty tough in the sense that he usually doesn’t cry when he falls, but is terrified of noisy household appliances like the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer. This also probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t use either of these things as often as I should. When asked what his name is, he’ll say “Buh?” and when asked how old he is, he will also say “Buh?”. I’m guessing that he’ll have the number “One” down just in time for him to turn two and have to start over.DSC_3755.jpg

We used to think that having a newborn was hard but it turns out that having a toddler is comparable to being a zookeeper of a monkey, or maybe a lion. But really, the reason that we can make so many jokes about Beau is because it’s obvious that we are totally obsessed with him and [almost] everything he does. We know how lucky we are to have two healthy children and even when we’re awake in the middle of the night or we feel like we’re going insane in the middle of a tantrum, there’s no where else we’d rather be.