One of the first things that everyone asks is “How are they doing together?” Loving each other? Hating each other? Ignoring each other? Well really, all of the above.

At first, Beau was definitely interested in her and gave her some sweet kisses, but he was much more interested in getting the attention back on himself. This usually resulted in him screaming and/or throwing fits, or trying to hit her if he had the chance. Because nothing gets parents’ attention faster than hitting the newborn, and it didn’t take him long to figure that out


Luckily, his behavior has improved a lot since that first week. He likes to “help”, like pointing out when she’s crying (as if I wouldn’t otherwise know), rocking the bouncer/car seat notgently, and shoving the paci in her mouth, whether she wants it or not. It’s the thought that counts, right? Really though, he does seem to be truly concerned about her, and is usually only purposely rough with her when he’s really tired or already grumpy.


As for her, she still doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. She usually puts up with him grabbing her hands/feet/face, and doesn’t seem to mind when he points out all of her body parts by poking them. He only occasionally gets too rough with his pats on the head or belly, to which she gets an offended look on her face and gives a tiny little cry- what an angel. We obviously try to protect her as much as possible while still letting Beau get close to her, but we keep saying that she’s going to be so tough after growing up around him.


She is very clearly wondering why the hell we left her alone with him

We hope that they’ll be best friends one day or, at the very least, that she’ll be able to better defend herself so we don’t have to worry about her safety when they’re together 😉


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