Grace 2 months & Beau 1.5+ years

…. because I honestly don’t know how many months Beau is unless I count it out, and I know that nobody else cares. So “just over a year and a half” it is.



Sweet girl is just as calm as she has been her entire life, plus the 9 months in the womb before that when she barely kicked at all.


She’s sleeping for one long stretch of about 4 hours or occasionally more, then waking about every 2 hours after. It’s becoming clear that she’s ready for bed around 9ish, but I usually try to keep her awake until closer to my own bed time so that I can get one long stretch of sleep while she does. And as well as she sleeps in her crib (swaddled) at night, she prefers to nap in the bouncer or Mamaroo, and also falls asleep easily in her car seat when we’re out. I am so grateful that she’s a good sleeper!


Grace is still nursing on demand and eating well. She will take bottles of pumped milk as well, so basically we’re still waiting to see if she even has any negative qualities 😉


She had a good 2 month check-up and is in the 43% for weight, and “off the growth chart” for height… tall girl so far, although Beau has been all over the growth chart in his short little life, so I know that the percentiles don’t necessarily mean much.


Dad is still learning that sometimes buttons go in the back. We love him.

Gracie is doing all of the normal things that most 2.5 month olds do like smiling, cooing, and tracking faces and noises. She doesn’t mind diaper or clothes changes, only sometimes wants a paci, and really hates it when beau smacks her on the belly or head.


Beau seems to be getting used to having a baby around and although he still likes to smack her sometimes, he doesn’t seem to get as jealous and more often wants to kiss or hold her (with my assistance).


He also helps to feed her. Or at least he tries.

We were a little bit worried for a while but it’s nice to see him loving her. We imagine/hope/pray that one day they’ll be friends and be able to sometimes entertain each other to save me from constantly pulling out random household objects and presenting them to him as ‘toys’… i.e. spatulas, empty toilet paper rolls, empty water bottles, etc.


Beau is saying more and more words, and we love asking him to say something and then laughing when it’s nowhere close. He loves saying “hai” and “bai” while waving and blowing kisses, and is getting better at communicating via pointing and/or holding our fingers and walking us to wherever he wants us to go, like the fridge to get him milk, or the back door to take him outside. I’m hoping that his improving communication skills will mean less tantrums, but he seems too have his mother’s stubbornness so we’ll see.


Beau proudly supporting his dad’s lemonade stand 

He still loves to dance, clap, and stomp along to Sesame Street or any other song, and would 100% live outside in the kiddie pool (or any other water) if we let him. He loves attention, especially from older kids or adults, and I have a feeling that his big personality is going to stay with him for life. He is more than a handful, but is so much fun and makes the most out of his every waking moment.

Both of these babies have our whole hearts and even in between all of the tantrums and “is it bedtime yet?!” comments, every day is wonderful and we know that we are truly fortunate to have this life.


Shoutout to Johnny for making my birthday funfetti cookie cake (with some coaching). If we weren’t already married, I would propose