September & October

Welcome back, Gator football!


I looked at a few “DIY burlap wreath” tutorials on Pinterest to make this wreath, but I basically did this with the burlap and then made my own bow and hot glued it on, along with the letters and football.

IMG_4636.jpgI’m also still oh-so-effortlessly juggling 2 babies over here.

IMG_5200 (1).jpgAnd they are mostly getting along… I’m still a little nervous to take my eyes off of them if Grace is in reaching distance of Beau, but mostly because I’m worried he’ll hurt her on accident, not on purpose. If he’s really tired, he might try to sneak in a kick/slap for attention, but otherwise he seems to really like her. As soon as he hears her wake up from a nap, he goes running into her room screaming “BABA!” and touches her legs/arms/belly through the crib rails until I pick her up. He also sometimes does this even when she’s not awake yet, and it’s a race for me to grab him and get him out of the room quietly before he wakes her up. I usually lose this race, but it’s sweet that he’s excited to see her.
IMG_5001.jpgAnd she doesn’t seem to mind that he’s still learning what ‘gentle’ means. She’s already tough, luckily! And she seems to love him… she is always looking at him and smiling or laughing.


Amazed at the row-boat ride with Grandpa

DSC_4471.jpgOctober started off with sweet girl turning 3 months old and also forgetting how to sleep, which has lasted throughout the month. At her 4 month pediatrician appointment I read that “some babies are sleeping through the night at this point ” and I would like to know which babies? And how? If anyone knows these answers, please share.

DSC_4452.jpgWe went to Bedner’s Farm where we enjoyed the pumpkin patch, although it was a hot reminder that October in South Florida feels like July everywhere else.

DSC_4426.jpgBeau milked his first [fake] cow

DSC_4435.jpgAnd rode his first [real] pony. Despite the look on his face, he actually did enjoy it.


Wagon rides



If all 4 of us are in one picture and the kids’ faces are visible, that counts as a good picture

DSC_4512.jpgBeau’s interest in carving the pumpkin lasted about 2 minutes before the water table won his attention. He also refused to put his hand inside, I think Christmas might win as the favorite holiday this year.


If I take away the jack-o-lantern, can I get away with the rest of this being ‘Thanksgiving decor’? Because that’s probably what’s going to happen.


Getting to wear our fun costumes now before these animals can read


Hopefully they get along better than their costumes imply


He still doesn’t really understand trick-or-treating but he’s definitely not mad about it


Happy Halloween!

2 thoughts on “September & October

  1. Ivonne says:

    Aw! Such sweet pictures of the 2 of them! I would like to have my second baby right after the first one so they can be close in age. How hard has it been? AM I crazy?


    • thetollandhome says:

      Haha no I don’t think you’re crazy! They are just under 1.5 years apart (17.5 months) and there are obviously challenges, but I love it! And I’m really excited for them to be friends and playmates when she gets a little older 🙂 congratulations on your soon to be arriving little one!


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