Christmas 2016

We took Christmas card pictures…


One day I’m going to get brave and put a picture like this on our Christmas card


Trying to bribe him to sit still with raisins and Gracie being a hoochie

…celebrated Grace’s 1st Christmas by dressing her up in all kinds of adorable outfits…


“Elf on the Shelf” -Johnny

…put up decorations for the first time in our first house (and Beau has since rearranged all of the the lower ornaments)…



Putting the angel on the tree


…dressed the babies in matching Christmas PJs…



…met Santa (“Nnn-ta, Ho! Ho! Ho!” according to Beau)…


Grace was obsessed with looking down at her shoes had to be distracted with the bear and Beau played it cool but his nail-biting proves that he was a little nervous. Overall, not a bad Santa visit.

…and had a wonderful Christmas with our family.


Merry Christmas! Wishing peace, love, and good health to everyone 🙂


We know that Beau has a weird smile and it’s cropped funny but it was the only picture where Grace was looking up instead of at her toes and also I liked my hair so obviously this was the winner


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