Grace 6 months

***I wrote most of this a month ago and never published, oops. 7 month update and Beau’s 2 year update coming soon… maybe


Baby Vanna White over here


Happy half- birthday to our baby girl! I keep saying that I totally understand why the youngest child in the family is always “babied” because when Beau was her age, we felt like he was so old but with her, we feel like she’s still a tiny infant.




Grace is currently 27 inches long (87%) and 13lbs 3oz (5%) with a head circumference of 16in (11%). We’re trying to put some more weight on her but my milk supply mysteriously fluctuates and she absolutely refuses a  bottle (aka every kind of bottle/sippy/cup) so I’m not sure what else to do besides just keep trying.


She also seems to dislike food in general; she loves grabbing anything she can get her hands on at the table but the second that food touches her mouth, she makes a disgusted face and spits it out. She has tolerated bananas for a few seconds and loved chewing on kale, weirdly enough, but isn’t really interested in eating. Part of me is worried that we’ll have to take her to therapy to get her to eat, but I’m hoping that’s just a mom over-reaction… I thought second-time moms had all the answers but NOPE.

She can sit up unassisted for little bits at a time, but may or may not fall on her face someone isn’t close enough to catch her. She’s aaalmost army crawling, and will roll and scooch around all over to reach toys, which are promptly stolen by her brother as he yells “Beau’s!”. It’s cool that he understands possession but I can’t wait for her to build up some muscle so she at least has a fighting chance… Although her personality is so laid-back, it will be interesting to see how they interact. She laughs a lot, gets a little noisy when she’s getting sleepy, and of course will cry if she’s hungry or especially tired, but besides that she’s pretty quiet. I think Beau was babbling more at this age, but their personalities are so opposite so far, it’s not surprising that he was more animated.


She is not anywhere close to sleeping through the night and still wakes every few hours, but I take full responsibility for that… since we’re worried about her weight, I’m just trying to get as many calories in her as I can so she gets to eat on demand throughout the night and we haven’t attempted any type of sleep training. I know it’s not a good habit to get into as she gets older and more aware, but her weight is more important so, for now, I just really look forward to my coffee in the morning 🙂 We do usually try to put her down while she’s a little bit awake and let her self-soothe to sleep, and she doesn’t have any sleep-crutches besides sucking her thumb so I don’t think we’re forming the worst sleep habits… at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Is anybody still reading? Just other moms who are comparing their babies’ sleep habits? That’s what I figured 😉


This month, Grace had her upper frenulum (skin connecting the upper lip to the gums right above the front teeth) cut. We discovered that she had a moderate lip tie which could or could not be affecting her eating and also my milk supply. She cried during the procedure but I don’t know how much of it was just the fact that she was being restrained with her mouth open, which would piss a baby off. I don’t think it made a big difference in her nursing, but hopefully it will help to avoid any future problems with orthodontics and/or speech so it wasn’t done in vain.



She rolled herself under the bed and he lifted the cover, looked at her, then put it right back downa

We call Grace our angel because she is the sweetest baby and gives the most genuine smile in the world… you can tell she is just so happy to be loved. When she was born I said, “she makes me so happy, I want to make her just as happy” and that’s still true. We are so lucky to have her and we love our little Gracie girl!


One thought on “Grace 6 months

  1. ivonneguerra says:

    LOL definitely a mom comparing her baby’s weird sleep habits! My son is 1 month old and for the last couple of nights has been waking up every hour!!
    Regarding the tie, my son had one! We had it taken care of at 2 weeks because it was definitely affecting his feeding and my supply. We have been supplementing with formula, but breastfeeding has gotten SO much better after the procedure. Hope the same happens for you and Grace. She’s beautiful, btw! And those pictures are adorable!


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