Beau 2 years old

January 20, 2017

Happy 2nd birthday to our first baby boy.

14 - Version 2








I don’t think I would have guessed that my child could be so challenging and so wonderful at the same time. He has kept us on our toes since the day he was born and if the first 2 years of his life are any indication of the rest of it, we’re in for a good time 🙂 Current stats:

Weight: 31 lbs (80%)
*Height: 37 in (96%)
Head Circ.: 19.2 in (54%)

*This height is not accurate. This was the only measurement that the nurse could get while Beau was thrashing/screaming/acting like he was dying during his check-up. I think he’s closer to around 35 inches/70%


We asked him to sit on the blanket so naturally he did the opposite

Beau loves to talk and is slowly transitioning from babbles to real words and phrases. He’s stringing 2 words together like “mama’s shoes”, “Blue worm”, or “Elmo book” and he also accurately adds ‘s’ onto ends of words to show plural, which blows my mind that he can already understand that. He knows most of his colors but usually calls green ‘yellow’ and also calls red ‘yellow’ because yellow/red look similar, obviously. He can also identify most common animals and tell you what sound they make, and says “woof woof!” to every dog that we see. He’s starting to try to sing along with common kids’ songs and doesn’t really love to color except for with red marker all over my upholstered chairs, couch, table, dresser, etc. In other news, no more markers allowed in my house until all children are in college.


He’s usually a little shy at first in a new place or when meeting new people, but gets over it quickly and ends up doing whatever he can to attract the most attention. His party tricks include attempting to repeat any word that you tell him, blowing kisses to little old ladies in the store, and telling you his name and age while holding up 5 fingers. He loves helping to the point where I get in trouble with him if I forget to let him help me load the groceries onto the belt at the store, put the detergent in the washing machine, or crack any eggs while cooking. He would snack all day if we let him, and has no shame in taking advantage of all house guests by leading them to the pantry and giving them puppy-dog eyes until they get him some goldfish or raisins.


He tells himself “no, no, no!” as he’s doing something that he knows he not supposed to

Beau is still a picky eater as he has been his whole long life. He much prefers fruit and bread over meat and veggies, but has been known to eat all of his dinner in 3 bites when the word “dessert” is mentioned. He goes to sleep around 7:30pm, usually wakes up around 7-7:30am, and takes 1 afternoon nap for about 1.5 hours. It’s usually right in between Grace’s morning and afternoon nap, and I’m desperately trying to get them to line up. In the meantime, I try to enjoy 1-on-1 time with each of them… but it is a nice treat when I get lucky and get 1 hour of touch-free time for the day. But enough about me, back to the birthday boy.


Beau seems to genuinely like Grace most of the time, and will even sometimes share a toy with her. He still gets too rough with her when he’s tired and trying to get attention from us, but often will smile and laugh with her, which is so sweet and gives me hope that they’ll play together one day. He’s already taking his role of ‘bossy older sibling’ seriously and takes it upon himself to snatch away any toy that he does not approve of for her, while saying “No, Baba!”.


Welcoming 2017 with sparklers and glow-sticks because the firecrackers were WAY too scary 

He has his days, but overall we feel like the age 1.5 was worse than 2, so far. He definitely still throws tantrums, but he seems to be doing better now that he can understand more and we can reason with him. And by reason we usually mean bribe but it works and he always says ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ so it’s all good, right?


Upgraded to a forward-facing carseat

We have to give him a hard time because he is such a handful, but we love his big personality and we’re so proud of everything that he does. Even when he’s literally kicking and screaming in the middle of Target and I can’t believe that we are those people I never thought I would be, I still feel lucky that I get to be the one with him when he eventually forgets what he was mad about. All of my storage on my phone is filled with pictures/videos of him sleeping, eating, talking, dancing, and more things that only parents (and grandparents) love, because I can’t get enough of his funny little self. We think/hope his stubbornness will translate into perseverance and we say that we can totally see him being the type of kid who is wild at home but a rule-follower at school. His future teachers better hope so, at least!

Beau: we are obsessed with you and if we could do do anything to ensure that you would never have any pain or hardships, we would do it in a second. You are so smart and funny already, I am honestly looking forward to hanging out with you in the years to come. Thanks for being the coolest 2 year old we’ve ever met, we love you more than life!


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