Beau’s 2nd Birthday Party


Beau’s birthday was on a Friday so we had a great day doing lots of his favorite things, then had a party for him on Saturday.



The best $2 I’ve ever spent was on these balloons, and they didn’t even take too long to blow up. They were one of his favorite parts of his birthday, I’m so glad we did this!


I spent months scouring Pinterest and planning every detail… wait no I didn’t. Since he’s only turning 2 and wouldn’t even notice all of that, I did a few small decorations and some fresh flowers. The text invitation 1 week before the party might have been slightly tacky but people still came so it’s all good.



Since we were just having a party at the house we wanted to do something to make it a little more special than just a normal Saturday with friends over, so we rented a bounce house/slide. It wasn’t too expensive at all and they ended up dropping it off early on Friday afternoon and not picking it up until Sunday evening, so it was well worth it.


I think the ideal age to enjoy this is probably older than 2, but he still had a lot of fun with it and some of the adults may or may not have also enjoyed it after kids’ bedtime.


I was going to do a whole cake with Elmo’s face on it but that much red icing + toddlers + my house = NO.
So instead, I made an Elmo cake topper with some paper and a baking stick. I made a mini Funfetti cake from 1/2 a boxed mix and then covered it in icing and sprinkles. It turned out so cute for how easy it was, Beau loved the sprinkles and still got to see his favorite character, and no red icing… a win all around.





Sharing some cake with Gracie


Snapping the action for all of Beau’s fans


And then we cut off some pieces for the guests. Kidding, they got fresh cupcakes

Beau had fun, we had fun, and we officially have a 2 year old now! We loved celebrating our little boy and we had the best weekend with him and so many wonderful friends and family members. Thank you to everyone who loves our babies [almost] as much as we do, we love and appreciate you all!


Making goody bags was a very “omg I’m a real mom” moment for me


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