April & May

In April, Grace turned 9 months old and has officially been out in the world as long as she was in my belly. I loved her little kicks and movements in there but she’s even more fun out here.


She crawls quickly, pulls up to her knees all of the time, likes to lean back while you’re holding her so she flips up side down, and is still obsessed with Beau and Dad. Mom is apparently just the source of food, it’s fine. She loves ice cream and refuses to drink water.


She’s teething on her top 2 front teeth and is starting to copy things that we do, like opening/closing mouth or making a noise. She’s also starting to pout when something doesn’t go her way, like when she finds a random dead bug and we take it away before she can eat it. Mean parents, we know. But she’s still an angel 99% of the time.



We celebrated Easter and made it through the majority of the mass before we had to take both children out.



No mercy for the younger kids during the Easter egg hunt


Luckily she’s happy with exactly one egg


He’s kid of like Robin Hood except for he steals from the weak and gives to himself


I’m getting more and more chill about quality of pictures. Both children are in it and you can see their faces? Perfect.


Cousins. Shoes off, nobody looking, balloon covering the face, it’s whatever

And in May….

Both babies finished ISR swim lessons (round 1 for Grace and round 2 for Beau). Beau LOVES to swim but doesn’t love to stop and float to breathe, very typical for his go-go-go personality. Grace doesn’t love floating (I don’t think most babies do) but doesn’t complain too much and is really good at it! We feel very confident that if she fell into water, she could save herself. Not that we’re planning in testing it out, but every time I read a story about a child drowning, I’m SO happy that we did this.




Sink baths on the reg for this messy eater


I think Beau is one of those people who “just isn’t a baby person”

Gracie girl turned 10 months old! She’s acting more and more like a toddler and less like a little baby… which is to be expected but for some reason always sneaks up on parents. She kind of has a lovey blanket, which is adorable to see her snuggle with, and she gives kisses by leaning towards your face and saying “mmmmm”. Baby kisses will always be one of my favorite things of all time.


She pulls up on everything, walks with a push-toy, and has stood on her own for about 1 second. She still loves Beau and Dad and if I say either of their names, she will look around the room for them. She speed-crawls towards the door when she hears Johnny getting home from work, and gives a huge smile and leans towards him if she sees him while anyone else is holding her. I pretend like I’m jealous but really, I love how much she loves him 🙂 She is always SO happy when I go in to get her in the morning or after naps, forever the opposite of her brother.


Me: “Beau, are you an angel?” Beau: “Noooo, Baba’s an angel!”


He’s our sunshine but also our hurricane. Love this kid


We say “Gentle!” so much he’s going to start answering to it soon


Aaand pictures are done