February & March

Quick recap of the highlights of February and March. I’m sparing you all of the meals, meltdowns, and million pictures I have of them sleeping. You’re welcome.


Both of their eyes look weird, I don’t know why? But cute picture otherwise

We celebrated Valentine’s Day by having dessert for breakfast…


ย Red velvet/chocolate chip pancakes that were supposed to be hearts but turned into blobs. Someone didn’t mind


Glad she appreciates the Valentine even though she can’t read it

We went to the beach and Beau is now obsessed. Grace like crawling in/eating the sand but doesn’t like the cold water, just like her mom.


Wearing normal clothes because when we were getting ready to go, I realized she didn’t have a swim suit yet. Florida resident fail


Not ok with the cold water


Birthday suit is the best suit


Skinny taking a nap

Gracie turned 8 months old and crawls, feeds herself with the help of 2 teeth on the bottom (hates purees), and is obsessed with Beau even though he still beats her up daily. She sleeps all night (my favorite milestone, by far) from about 7pm-7am with 2-3 naps during the day, and goes down to sleep easily HALLELUJAH.


We celebrated my hometown by eating lots of strawberries and visiting the strawberry festival in Plant City…



Nobody thought I was going to let them eat strawberries with actual clothes on, right?


Beau was so nice to ride the Dumbo ride with Johnny


Strangers make the best/worst photographers


Someone was a BIG fan of strawberry shortcake

Oh and we built pools for the kids. Not everyone gets such a fancy childhood but they’re just lucky, I guess.



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