20 weeks

September 12, 2017


The truth

Weight: +4 (+12 from pre-Beau goal)
Sleep: Great, as long as I don’t get woken up… coughBEAUcough
Best moment: Hurricane Irma keeping Johnny home for a week straight but not doing any damage to our house (besides knocking over a few trees).
Missing: Champagne during the hurricane would have been fun. I also don’t love gaining weight.
Loving: Baby kicks and a belly.
Movement: Often and can sometimes be seen from the outside.
Cravings: Nothing too much… sometimes sour things, and apples with sea salt still taste good. 
Only if I drink water in the morning, and sometimes from toothpaste.
Gender Prediction: Boy should be confirmed this week!
Symptoms: Weight gain.
Belly Button:
Getting shallow, especially at the top.
Looking forward to: 2 doctor’s appointments this week! Normal appointment and anatomy scan with the perinatologist, can’t wait!
Dad’s thoughts: “I love watching baby boy move in his momma’s belly! I can’t wait to give him his name and to finally meet him, time is flying by!”



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