23 weeks

October 3, 2017


I complain that my kids don’t like veggies but ask me how many veggies I like to eat while I’m pregnant with them…

Weight: +7.5; +15.5 from goal.
Maternity clothes: Normal dresses and shirts are getting too short, it’s annoying.
Sleep: Good but having to pee more and more… currently at 1-2 times per night.
Best moment: Johnny’s birthday! Date night to iPic, then meeting him for lunch and celebrating today.
Missing: Birthday drinks with Johnny would be fun… but carrying his baby is more fun, I guess 😉
Loving: Johnny!
Movement: All of the time! It’s distracting sometimes but I love it! 100% visible from the outside.
Cravings: Today= sour. All I wanted was warheads but settled for Crybaby gum and a mini sour fundip which made my tongue hurt. No regrets. Blue cheese dressing has been good again, too. And bread, like warm biscuits. Still waiting for the broccoli craving to happen.
Just a little nauseous on a very empty stomach. Otherwise, no.
 Yes! Strangers= “You’re having another?!” and “Brave!”… Friends= “OMG your belly!!!”
Symptoms: Peeing so much. I think I’m  subconsciously avoiding drinking water so I don’t have to go every 30 mins. Also walking up the stairs, especially w while holding a child is starting to get to me sometimes.
Belly Button:
 Getting flat-ish.
Looking forward to: Visiting Patrick and Taylor this weekend.
Dad’s thoughts: “Alexa went above and beyond for my birthday as usual! She seems to be feeling well and loving being pregnant. I feel so blessed and can’t wait until I get to meet the newest member of the Tolland family.”