22 weeks

September 26, 2017


Everyone: “So you’re keeping the name a secret?!” …nope, just being indecisive

Weight: +7; +15 from goal.
Sleep: Great!
Best moment: Taylor’s bridal shower, seeing family in Ormond, then coming home to Johnny.
Missing: SANGRIA.
Loving: Belly and being a mom.
Movement: So often. But I don’t really notice it when I’m up and distracted.
Cravings: Sangria. And the s’mores cake from the bridal shower was amazing, I could definitely eat more of that.
Gender: NoName boy.
Symptoms:Braxton Hicks, peeing more, warmer overall… not always cold like normal.
Belly Button: Shallow/ approaching flat.
Looking forward to: Johnny’s birthday! And this weekend… Gator football and [surprise] date night to iPic!
Dad’s thoughts: “I love feeling him kick in his mom’s belly! By the was he is kicking, I have a feeling he’s going to have a very similar personality to Beau.”


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