24 weeks

October 10, 2017


There may or may not be a rubber band holding on these very non-maternity shorts


Weight: +13 (+21 goal). ok.
Maternity clothes: Loose tanks and dresses are getting shorter. Wearing maternity or Nike shorts.
Stretch Marks:
At this rate, it will be a miracle if I don’t get any.
Sleep: So good, unless I have to pee. Some mornings I’m so confused how it’s already morning.
Best moment: Spending the weekend with Pat and Taylor.
Missing: Not being stressed about weight. So basically, high school.
Loving: Still knowing how lucky I am to be pregnant and with a healthy baby.
Movement: I can feel it on both sides of my belly at once… now up to a few inches above my belly button. In addition to kicks, I can feel and see pushes, too.
Cravings: Biscuits and gravy. Not a strong craving, but I could eat them for every meal and be happy. Also, sweets have been great (and not great… see “weight”).
Drank water too quickly this morning and puked. Otherwise, no. 
Looking about the same as 28 weeks with Beau and Grace.
Symptoms: Rare Braxton Hicks. I feel like they’ve slowed down? When I bend over, I have to hold my breath and spread my knees to make room for my belly.
Belly Button:
Shallow/flat with the middle almost an outie.
Looking forward to: Florida/Georgia Line and Nelly concert this weekend! Also, Dr. appt Friday.
Dad’s thoughts: “It was such a great weekend with Patrick and Taylor. I think my favorite moments of the week were feeling little “No Name” boy kick in Alexa’s belly. On another note, loving pregnant Alexa! She looks so good!”

^he has to say that


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