25 weeks

October 17, 2017


Weight: +10 (+18 from goal)
Maternity clothes: Yep.
Sleep: Love it.
Best moment: Florida/Georgia Line & Nelly concert! And a good doctor appointment.
Missing: Drinks at the concert. It was still a lot of fun but if I could have 1 free drinking pass for the pregnancy, I think that would have been it.
Loving: Belly.
Movement: Often. I can always feel him, no matter whether I’m laying, sitting or standing.
Cravings: Sweets! I made a carrot cake “for everyone” and I think I ate about 75% of it.
Only when/if I drink water in the morning.
 Oh yes, ripped jean shorts and all.
Symptoms: Staring longingly at others’ cocktails.
Belly Button:
 Getting dangerously close to being an outie.
Looking forward to: A chill weekend at home.
Dad’s thoughts: “Noname baby’s 1st concert, not sure if he liked Nelly or FGL better? Either way, I’m pretty sure he was kicking the whole time. Can’t wait to see what type of personality he has.”