19 weeks

September 5, 2017


Beer belly going strong for LDW pool party

Weight: ? But I’ve gone on 2.5 mile morning walks most weekday mornings sooo basically I should be back down to pre-pregnancy weight, right?
Maternity clothes: Shorts= yes, shirts= some. Probably  how it’s going to stay for a while
Sleep: Usually great but I’m a light sleeper now so if Johnny is moving around, I don’t sleep well. I also think that sometimes I sleep worse when I have to pee but try to sleep through it… lol.
Best moment: Gator football is back! Even though we lost… and a long weekend with a Labor Day pool party at our friends’ house.
Missing: Gameday was the first time I was really sad about not getting to drink mimosas.
Loving: Life and baby kicks.
Movement: Often! Almost every time I sit down and try, I can feel it. Also sometimes when I’m up and moving, and all night long. I’ve seen it from the outside too. I feel like he’s really active, maybe another crazy kid like Beau?!
Cravings: Nothing consistently, just random like when I went on a mission to find a peach milkshake after I saw a picture of peaches and decided I couldn’t rest until I got some.
No! Unless I drink anything quickly in the morning.
 Yes! A few strangers have asked.
Gender Prediction: Boy, but excited for 100% confirmation.
Symptoms: Peeing more; bigger appetite
Belly Button:
 Preeetty shallow
Looking forward to: Learning more about hurricane Irma so we can decide our plans… Batley baby shower Saturday if the hurricane doesn’t reschedule it… and 2 doctor appointments next week! Can’t wait!
Dad’s thoughts: “It is so cool feeling the baby kick! We think we are getting closer to a name for him but haven’t settled on it yet. Can’t wait to meet the little guy!”