35 weeks

December 26, 2017


I’ve been more productive this month than I have in the past year

Weight: +19 (+27 since pre-Beau). Scary, but I’m glad it’s not worse. Dreaming of working out after he’s born.
Maternity clothes: Belly peeks out the bottom of a lot of them, and basically 0 pairs of shorts are comfortable for long periods of time.
Sleep: Great besides having to pee at 5:30am daily.
Best moment: Christmas! So much fun with the kids!
Missing: Being in shape and Christmas mimosas. It took all of my willpower to only pour a little champagne in mine.
Loving: Life & baby movements
Movement: I’ll never, ever get tired of it. Big rolls and he’s always pushing near my belly button and my sides (and bladder), I think he’s ready to come out.
Cravings: Sweets. Carbs. Living it up with this pregnancy diet for the next 5 weeks.
Sometimes in the morning if my stomach is empty.
Symptoms: *prefacing this by saying I still love pregnancy… not complaining, just stating facts*… Actually painful to bend over, can’t see over my belly, slight indigestion/heartburn, constantly peeing, hungry, physically tired, uncomfortable when sitting, standing, or laying down too long, rib pain when standing and wearing a bra (lol), Braxton Hicks, NESTING… making lists upon lists feeling panicky that I won’t get everything done if he comes early. Already caught myself thinking of things I could get done while in the hospital, like a crazy person. Basically just FEELING. VERY. PREGNANT.
Belly Button:
 Is it weird that I think it’s cute when it’s visible through clothes?
Looking forward to: Getting things checked off of my 5 different (not kidding) to-do lists. That’s all I care about right now. I don’t even want to sleep.
Dad’s thoughts: “Christmas was the best! Loved watching the kids open their presents. I’ll be sad “Elf on the shelf” and all of the other Christmas traditions will be gone until next year… But at the same time, we’re getting closer to meeting Duke!”


Decorating Christmas cookies with friends


The best bedhead


Even the best elves sometimes spend 6 hours cursing the play kitchen. I think it would have taken less time to assemble a real kitchen.


The saddest mini-mosa belonging to me


Singing/moving Mickey for the win, as always