15 weeks

August 8, 2017



Weight: ?… I do care, just not enough to buy a working scale and eat more salads.
Maternity clothes: Not really, but normal wardrobe is starting to feel limited.
Sleep: I love it so much. I daydream about that beautiful moment where I crawl into bed at night.
Best moment: My 27th birthday! I don’t feel 27, I think it sounds like it’s getting up there. I keep reminding myself that it’s better to have birthday than not 🙂 It was also a great moment when Johnny got back from his work trip, doing dinner/bedtime by myself was getting old. Single parents/military spouses: you are heroes.
Missing: Unless it’s something expensive from Starbucks, it tastes so terrible and I can’t drink it.
Loving: This baby bump. & the other 2 babies. & their daddy. Also, getting another year with a healthy and happy family.
Movement: No! Baby, where you at?!
Cravings: Nothing really. Still could live without sweets, although my traditional “Johnny enters the kitchen once a year” birthday dessert choice of banana pudding was aaamazing. 
Not really! Occasionally slightly nauseous, but not often/severe. I think my energy is slowly coming back, too.
I think someone would have to be pretty brave to ask, but yes, definitely some!
Gender Prediction: From the beginning (prior to the 12 week guess by the tech), I’ve thought boy and Johnny has thought girl. We should know on Monday, I cannot wait!!!
Symptoms: Belly, body heat (I am not currently on good terms with South Florida and it’s 95 degree weather), coffee aversion, lack of birthday champagne in my hand.
Looking forward to: APPOINTMENT! Most importantly, hearing that the baby looks good and healthy.
Dad’s thoughts: “Celebrating Alexa’s birthday was so much fun! Can’t believe on her next birthday we will have 3 children running/crawling around… and probably be thinking about a 4th 🙂 I feel so blessed and can’t wait until the doctor appointment on Monday.”